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Ch.02 Decorum and Language

Standard Model United Nations Rules of Procedure

As Model United Nations is a simulation of diplomatic interaction, delegates and Dais alike are required to conduct themselves with diplomatic decorum. They are to convey respect, de-escalate conflict and project dignity in their behavior and speech.

1. Appropriate Attire

Business Formal is the attire of choice for any self-respecting MUN conference. Men are advised to wear a clean and pressed suit, a buttoned-up stiff collar shirt, and a neatly attached tie with polished dress shoes. For women, a certain degree of variety and flexibility is permitted. For instance, suits and work dresses with closed toe dress shoes are allowed.

2. Etiquette

Delegates should always make sure to address the Committee in accordance with parliamentary procedure. This will keep things in order and maintain mutual respect even when the debate gets heated. Delegates are advised to refer to the Moderator as “Honorable Dais” and other delegates as “Distinguished Delegates”.