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Ch.01 Structure of the Committee

Standard Model United Nations Rules of Procedure

1. The Committee

A Committee consists of delegates and members of the Dais.

2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Dais

A Committee is managed and directed by the Dais. The Dais consists of a Dais Head as well as several Dais Members who take on the roles of Director, Moderator and Rapporteur during the conference on a rotating basis. The Dais Head is responsible for the overall flow of the conference and usually assumes the role of the Director during the conference.

During the conference the Dais serves as three roles:

The Committee Director is in charge of overseeing the running of every Committee session. In most cases, there will be more than one Director, each having equal scope of power.

The Director is the only staff member who can approve and sign Working Papers, Draft Resolutions, Amendments and other documents. The Director has the right to reject document submissions, or to suggest appropriate changes before accepting them.

The Director is responsible for guiding the general direction of the debate within the Committee. In this regard, the Director may periodically comment on the direction of the debate and may ma